The sale of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge likely to pass 70 million


As we know in the last month the CitiBank analyst had given its prediction that Samsung would sell 50 million units of its both flagship devices including Galaxy S6 and S6 edge in the current year .But Samsung shows full of confidence and hopes that it’s both the product will do magnificent business above the prediction.

According to The Korea Times, a Samsung executive shows lots of expectation and confirmed that the sales of both the devices will be more than 70 million in coming days .

The company doesn’t confirm whether it is the target of the company for 2015 or not. It doesn’t matter as both the flagship devices showed magnificent sale after its availability from 10TH April.

The one thing that surprised all of us that the Galaxy S6 edge which is costlier than Galaxy S6 by $100 is doing much well as neck to neck with its sibling.

So Samsung has to manage properly to meet the high demand from the users.

This is the time for celebration for Samsung as in the last year its global smartphone market share was dropped to a 3-year low, and also the Apple snatched the crown from it as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer.

So the year 2015 is better for Samsung than 2014 and there is chance that it may regain its lost position in the market share.

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