Samsung may announce a tablet of 12” in coming days



As we know earlier, Samsung launched few tablets of Ativ brand based on Windows OS.

Now according to the latest rumor, there is expectation that Samsung will release a 12” tablet with a Super AMOLED touchscreen, it will be powered by a 14nm Intel Core M processor and run on Windows 10 OS, 4GB of RAM, and the S-Pen. It will have the thickness of 6.2mm and the weight of the device will be 600g.

The resolution of the screen isn’t mentioned yet but it is expected that either it will be 2560×1, 600pixels or 3,840x2400pixels.

Since these are all based on rumor, so don’t take it as confirmation.

If the rumors are confirmed than we will definitely face leaked information related to the upcoming tablet in coming days.

Continue with us for more information.



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