Oppo Mirror 5 coming soon

Oppo Mirror 5

It is consider that Oppo Mirror 5 is an upcoming smartphone that will feature an appealing rear panel which is similar to the charming Oppo R1x. It seems that the Mirror 5 will attract the users with a mirrored rear back with diamond pattern, latest Android OS and advanced camera tech.

Right now the full details of the Mirror 5 have not been revealed by Oppo. But now it is confirmed that the Mirror 5 will feature a rear camera with PureImage 2.0+ interface and in the front side it will have a 5MP selfie camera with Beatify 3.0 functions. The Mirror 5 will have also 2GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage.

It is expected that the Mirror 5 will be launched in 20 markets either at the end June or early July and will be available in 3G and LTE flavors, depending on the market. It is also expected that Taiwan will be the first market where it will launched.

It is believed that the Oppo Mirror 5 will be officially announced very soon.

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