Newcomer Samsung Galaxy H7 and Galaxy H1 coming soon


As we know Samsung filed trademark application in South Korea with the Korean Intellectual Property Office for its new upcoming devices including Samsung Galaxy H7 and Galaxy H1.

We have no information about the upcoming devices but there is certainty that both the newcomer will run Android OS as compare to the previously Galaxy brands.

We can’t speculate whether it will be tablets or other products yet and also we have not confirmation if the H1 and H7 names will be used for commercial products or not.

We all know that in 2014, Samsung announced three new series of smartphones including Galaxy A (including premium, metal-made handsets like the Galaxy A7, Galaxy A5, and Galaxy A3), Galaxy E (including the Galaxy E5 and Galaxy E7), and Galaxy J (including the low-end Galaxy J1).

So the company has followed its previous trends of naming its upcoming devices with new series.

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