HTC One M9 camera samples

htc one m9 camera

Earlier we published a leaked image of upcoming HTC One M9 which revealed camera.

Today we come with more leaked camera samples of the most wanted device HTC One M9. It is expected that both the images have been shot by the upcoming devices HTC One M9 and HTC One M9 Plus with model numbers 0PJA13 and 0PJA10 respectively.

Earlier all the rumors leaked that the flagship device HTC One M9 will feature Sony 20.7MP sensor but the latest leaked images taken by both the devices doesn’t confirm it, as it is expected that the photos are shot in 16:9 but at 5376 x 3024 pixels they run 112 pixels outside of the sensor’s 5264 x 3960 expected dimensions in the horizontal direction. So we can’t assure at this moment.

We believe that HTC One M9 will be equipped with superior sensor than Sony 20.7MP which follow a 16:9 native ratio.

To clear all the shadows about the upcoming device HTC One M9, we have to wait for few days and put our eyes at the upcoming event MWC, 2015 for its expected announcement.

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