HTC Foldable / Flexible Smartphone coming in 2017 (Rumor)

HTC Foldable / Flexible Smartphone coming in 2017 : Smartphones with flexible and foldable display is the next tech buzz and this futuristic tech will be in our hand in coming few months. Past two years gives users curved, 2k and 4k diplay with 3D Touch, Fast and wireless charging, water and dust resistance body with may fold increase in hardware and camera technology. Now a new tech is coming in 2017 which is flexible, foldable and bendable display. Many Smartphone makers including Samsung and Apple is preparing to launch their devices with this new tech in first  half of the next year.

Folding-display Samsung

According to Sam Mobile Samsung’s first smartphone with a foldable display might be launched in January. The name of this project is Project Valley. The device is currently under testing phase. Samsung is testing two different versions of device with different hardware configurations:  one with Snapdragon 620 processor and the other with a Snapdragon 820 chipset. The device coming in January would sport 3GB of RAM, a microSD card slot, and a non-removable battery.

foldable, flexible iPhone

On the other hand Apple is now shifted its full focus on iPhone 7 / iPhone Flex after the launch of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. According to Appleinsider Apple in 2015 reportedly granted a U.S. patent for larger displays that fold up like a trifold wallet.

Since the Apple and Samsung will soon offer flexible, foldable and bendable Smartphones to its consumers so we do expect that HTC will also join this race to save its consumer base.

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