Finally Apple managed to improve iWatch battery life

Apple watch

In the earlier post we published how Apple Watch faced problems related to daily charging and passing all the hurdles the Apple Watch surprisingly made its place among 25 Best Inventions of 2014 and also published and praised by the Time Magazine. These are the few things we recollect from the past information of the upcoming device.

Today we have latest information via 9to5Mac that the Apple has finally in the process of uprooting all the problems related to battery which it was carrying from its initial stage. As the Apple Watch is equipped many unique apps and powerful hardware including the S1 chip inside the Watch, as powerful as the A5 solution in the current iPod Touch, are the reasons for its high consumption of battery .

Hence Cupertino is looking forward to offer a battery which will last for 19 hours in the device. The Apple Watch fitness tracking software will use four hours after once charge of the battery.

The active application for the Apple Watch will use the battery upto 2.5 and 4 hours, the Standby time for the device will be three days and the sleeping mode will give the Watch a long breath upto four days. According to the reliable sources approx 3000 prototype of Apple Watch is under testing.

These all information confirmed us that the Apple will coming soon with its adorable Apple Watch proudly and it will definitely a big blow for its rivals.

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