BlackBerry Classic available in gold version

blackberry clasic gold

On 19th January, 2015 we published a post related to the upcoming of limited edition of BlackBerry’s Gold Passport which will be gold-plated with24K gold. Today we come with latest information that the BlackBerry Classic is finally getting a touch of 24K gold-plated by Vietnamese luxury brand Karalux.

The outer steel frame of the BlackBerry Classic is plated by a precious metal coating, as well as the keyboard row separators. The back portion of the phone remains in formal black, the company also branded gold plate below the keyboard. The plate is customizable so that the users can carve any text or logo of their choice.

The cost of gold-plating will be 7,000,000 Vietnamese Dong ($350) and the total cost the users have to pay for the purchase of BlackBerry Classic will be $650.

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