Apple’s iPad Pro will feature A9 CPU, Force Touch and NFC, coming soon  

Apple iPad Pro

We have come with the latest leaked information of the long-rumored Apple iPad Pro via Apple Insider that the upcoming tablet will come with a screen of 12.9” with the latest Apple’s Force Touch technology which measures how hard a user is pressing on the screen. As we know the Force Touch technology is currently works on Apple’s Watch.

It will include Apple A9, the same processor expected to be added in the next iPhone models in coming days.

The iPad Pro will feature an NFC chip which will allow the tablet to work as a terminal for receiving Apple Pay transactions; it will also include a USB Type-C port which allows the user to plug in his USB cable either side up along with a Lightning connector on the bottom of the device.

We have no information about the announcement and the cost of the device so far.

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