Apple removes anti-virus apps from its store

apple antiToday we come with the latest information via Intego, developer of VirusBarrier that Apple has started to remove the anti-virus and anti-malware app from its App Store.

According to Intego, Apple doesn’t want users to think that the iOS 8 is susceptible to any virus and it doesn’t need any anti-virus and hence removed all the anti-virus solutions of different companies including its own app.

The Intego’s VirusBarrier was an app, which actually scans emails and cloud files, not the iOS device itself, so it was useful for different segment of users.

VirusBarrier will continue to get updates as long as it will in the user’s device and produce safety to the device .If the users want to delete or perform a factory reset then they will lose the app.

There is no information about such devices which are affected by any malicious software as long as they concerned with the official App Store only.

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